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Feature Film &
Content Distribution Consulting
What you don't know can cost you...significantly.   
Our guidance on the process and fundamentals of distribution will help you avoid the
landmines and setbacks inherent in today's complex and ever shifting distribution landscape. 
  • Pre-Production/Production - Planning for distribution should start before the cameras roll.  We help filmmakers make the most of their resources and avoid costly making mistakes that could impact distribution later.

  • Distribution Agreement Negotiations - Distribution is complex and negotiating what you don't understand is daunting.  We educate and guide filmmakers through the intricacies of distribution including supply chain, potential hidden costs, assets delivery and release planning.  

  • Producer Statement Analysis - We help you make sense of your financial statements and analyzing them to make sure you're being accounted to fairly and accurately.



*Sample of current and past clients


Consultation fees include one-on-one consultation via email, phone, Zoom sessions and/or in person meetings (Los Angeles only).

HOURLY ($125/hour)

For those who only need a quick consultation.


Great for:

  • Pre-Production/Production - Make the most of your production dollars by planning ahead for distribution.

  • Distribution Planning for finished films

  • Distribution Proposal & Agreements review/comments

  • Asset Delivery guidance, tips and tricks

  • Distribution Financial Statement review 

  • Consumer Marketing tips and suggestions

RETAINER BLOCK (10 hours for $1,000)

For short term needs, the retainer block can be an effective resource, which can be spread out over the course of pre-production, production and the distribution phases.

Great for:

  • Creating a distribution plan before making your film.  This can make the difference between securing great distribution or limited to no distribution options at all.

  • Distribution and Marketing planning whether your going to self-distribute or work with an established distributor.   

  • Ongoing Distribution Proposals & Agreements review

  • Distribution Financial Statements deep dive review


If you have intense or ongoing consulting needs, the monthly retainer can be deployed at any phase of your filmmaking journey.  Let's talk and decide if this is the right fit for you. 


This level of consultation is reserved for film projects that we get involved with on an A to Z level.  

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