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Image by Chris Murray

TEACHER'S PET | Thriller (Post-Production)

A malevolent new high school teacher with a sinister past becomes disturbingly fixated on a brilliant female student. As he unveils his true sociopathic nature, she must navigate a treacherous battle of wits to survive high school.

Cast: Luke Barnett (For All Mankind - Apple TV+, Faith Based), Michelle Torian (God's Pill), Sara Tomko (Resident Alien - SYFY), Barbara Crampton (Suitable Flesh, Re-Animator), Drew Powell (Gotham - Fox, Curb Your Enthusiasm - HBO), Kevin Makely (Young Rock - NBC, Badland), Clayton Royal Johnson (Stranger Things - Netflix)

Director: Noam Kroll

Writer(s): Noam Kroll
Producer(s): Sheldon Brigman, Richard Handley, Noam Kroll, Kayli Fortun, Brian Hanson  

Production Company: Launch Entertainment, Teachers Lounge Productions LLC
Distributor(s): TBD

Sales Agent: TBD


THE BLACK STRING | Supernatural Thriller (Complete)


When a suburban slacker has a reckless encounter with a mysterious woman, his life begins to unravel in horrific fashion. His friends and family believe he’s losing his mind, but he’s convinced a cult of suburban, satanic witches have marked him for death.

Cast: Frankie Muniz (Malcolm in the Middle - Fox), Chelsea Edmundson (The Iron Claw), Jackie Moore, Ravi Patel (Wonder Woman 1984)

Director: Brian Hanson

Writer(s): Richard Handley, Brian Hanson, Andy Warrener

Producer(s): Richard Handley, Brian Hanson, Sheldon Brigman, Kayli Fortun, Charles L. Bunce 
Distributor(s): Lionsgate (US, CAN), 4Digital Media/Universal (UK), Launch Releasing (ROW)

Sales Agent: Jackrabbit Media


MISTER SLEEP | Horror, Thriller (Complete)


A deranged serial killer called Mister Sleep, survives prison execution and is reborn as a terrifying and unstoppable force of nature who unleashes savage and bloody revenge on a group of insomnia patients participating in a new drug trial.

Cast: Kate Dailey, Bronson Taylor, Ashley Terpstra, Olaundra Grace, Alec James

Director: Rob Hollocks

Writer(s): Amy Rhinehart Bailey, Rob Hollocks

Producer(s): Amy Rhinehart Bailey, Rob Hollocks, Sheldon Brigman, Terrence WilliamsNik Wilets
Production Companies: Beyond Casual Media LLC, Launch Releasing LLC, Bloody Marvelous Productions, Outlaw Robot Studio

Distributor(s): Gravitas Ventures (worldwide)


Crime, Suspense, Thriller 

An aspiring young journalist "slumming it" on a reality show called 'Ride Along' begins to suspect that the two cops  he rides along with every night are dirty.  


Action, Thriller 

In the vein of a high octane 'Three Days of the Condor', Broken Run is an espionage action-thriller set in the little known world of U.S. diplomatic couriers.  

News: Deadline "Liam Hemsworth Signs With WME & Stars In John Singleton Pitch 'Broken Run'"



The mob is about to get a makeover in the vein of 'Legally Blonde' and 'Miss Congeniality' meet 'The Godfather'.  A girl from Malibu is tapped to take over the family business & prove her long lost mob boss father's innocence when he's framed for a murder he didn't commit.



Storyline under wraps.


Supernatural, Thriller

A police crime scene photographer's camera begins to show him photos of murders before they happen.

While we accept finished film submissions, please note that we do not accept unsolicited materials such as screenplay, teleplays, ideas, pitches, pitch materials.  All unproduced submissions for our consideration must be made through an attorney, agent or manager.  By submitting any unsolicited materials you are legally bound to our submission policy.
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